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Bookkeeping vs Accountant. What’s the difference?

Is accounting and bookkeeping the same thing? In the world of finance ‘accounting’ and ‘bookkeeping’ are often used interchangeably. But while there may be an overlap of tasks performed by bookkeepers and accountants, there are key differences in why you might hire a bookkeeper instead of an accountant. In this article, I’ll discuss the differences between accounting and bookkeeping, so, you can decide which service is right for your business. ...

May 1, 2024

Financial Year 2024 – 2025: Key dates for your diary

If you own a business, the new financial year is well underway for you. March 31 was the deadline for completing your tax returns for your businesses if you were using a registered tax agent such as a bookkeeper or accountant. There are several dates of significance in the business tax calendar. Below is a list of important dates to add to your diary....

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